An Invitation to Participate in Georgetown’s First Student Cultural Climate Survey

February 24, 2020

Dear Members of our Undergraduate and Graduate Student Community: 

I am writing to invite you to participate in Georgetown’s first cultural climate survey. 

This survey will help to deepen our community’s understanding of the experiences of our students related to issues of diversity, inclusion, and belonging. As Rosemary Kilkenny, our Vice President for Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Chief Diversity Officer shared with you on February 19 (new window), the survey will ask you about diversity and identity across various dimensions, including race, ethnicity, faith, sexuality, ability, gender, and other backgrounds and will provide opportunities for you to reflect on different campus settings across the student experience. We invite all students to participate.

To access the survey, click on the link below. This link is personalized to each student by email address and should not be forwarded or used by others to take the survey. Follow this link to the Survey: 

Take the Survey [personalized link]

Or copy and paste the URL below into your internet browser: [personalized link]

Over the next month, we are encouraging all students to participate in the survey, which will be open through March 24, 2020.

The survey should take about 20 minutes to complete. Your participation is completely voluntary. Responses are fully confidential. Information will not be used to identify individuals in any manner. All identifying information will be permanently removed when the survey is closed and before any data is analyzed. No one at Georgetown will ever associate your individual responses with you. As a participant, you may skip any items.

Your participation will support our work to identify how we can further enhance our policies, practices, and resources. A high response rate for this survey will provide information about levels of engagement on issues of diversity and inclusion, perceptions of institutional diversity, representation of marginalized groups and experiences within the campus community, and perspectives about how members of our community engage culturally relevant and responsive practices, including in the classroom. The survey results will help inform how we can strengthen programs and support systems to ensure an inclusive environment for all members of our community.

You can read more about the survey and some of our efforts to support diversity and inclusion through our Office of Institutional Diversity, Equity & Affirmative Action (new window). If you have questions about the survey, you may contact the Office of Assessment and Decision Support at (new window).

As a community, we are at our best when we are able to work together to create and sustain an environment where each member of our community can thrive. I wish to express my gratitude for your commitment to fostering a culture of care for all members of our community as we engage in professional and academic pursuits and in the work of personal formation.

Thank you for participating in this important survey.

John J. DeGioia