Alternative Resolution

IDEAA reviews and addresses alleged violations of Georgetown University’s non-discrimination and anti-harassment policies, including the University’s Equal Opportunity and Non-Discrimination in Employment and Non-Discrimination in Education Policies, Affirmative Action Policy, the Policy Statement on Harassment, the Policy on Sexual Misconduct, and the Policy on Consensual Sexual or Romantic Relationships. 

Alternative Resolution Process

Alternative Resolution is a voluntary, collaborative opportunity to address issues of possible bias, discrimination, harassment, or retaliation through a confidential non-investigative process, to build mutual understanding and promote healing. 

  1. Any individual who believes that they may have experienced possible discrimination, harassment, or retaliation in a Georgetown University program or activity, on- or off-campus, may request Alternative Resolution by sending an email to or calling (202) 687-4798. Requests for Alternative Resolution are recorded in IDEAA’s files.
  2. Alternative Resolution is facilitated by a neutral IDEAA staff member within a reasonably prompt time frame. 
  3. The IDEAA facilitator conducts private intake meetings to learn more about what occurred, determine whether the matter is appropriate for Alternative Resolution, and explore possible resolution options. 
  4. The IDEAA facilitator then meets separately with the individuals who participate in the process (the participants)  to understand their experiences and perspectives.
  5. The IDEAA facilitator arranges direct or indirect communication between the participants to facilitate increased understanding, healing, and to support accountability. Options for facilitation may include structured conversations and meetings, educational discussions, and mediated sessions. 
  6. If the Alternative Resolution process is successful, the IDEAA facilitator prepares a written agreement between the participants to address the concerns raised.
  7. The written agreement is maintained in IDEAA’s files and monitored by IDEAA.

Alternative Resolution may be used in lieu of, or as an initial step prior to, filing an IDEAA complaint. If a formal complaint is filed, the parties also have the option to utilize IDEAA’s Informal Resolution process, as described in IDEAA’s grievance procedures.

Participating in Alternative Resolution does not preclude the filing of a formal complaint – a participant in Alternative Resolution may end the Alternative Resolution process at any time and file a formal IDEAA complaint, consistent with IDEAA’s filing requirements.  


For a private consultation with an IDEAA staff member, please send an email to or call (202) 687-4798.

For confidential consultation (which is not part of the Alternative Resolution process, but may be of assistance as you consider options), please contact a confidential resource such as the:

For non-IDEAA matters, staff and AAPs may reach out to the Department of Human Resources.

To file a bias report, please visit the Bias Reporting website or fill out the bias reporting form.

To file a formal IDEAA complaint, please use IDEAA’s online complaint form. If you require assistance to complete this form, please contact IDEAA at or (202) 687-4798.