Language Access and Diversity

Georgetown University celebrates language diversity and is committed to providing equal access to university services, programs, and activities. The university strives to create a culture of linguistic inclusion by increasing visibility of language diversity and supporting access to
language assistance resources.

Schools and Departments are responsible for ensuring meaningful access to their programs, services, and activities to individuals in a timely, reasonable, and effective manner, in accordance with law. Language assistance is provided primarily through two key services:
translation and interpretation. Translation refers to the written conversion of written materials from one language to another. Interpretation refers to the oral restating in one language of what
has been said in another language.

Translated University Policies

The following university policies are available in multiple languages. If you need assistance with translations of other IDEAA-related policies into additional languages, please contact us at

Translation and Interpretation Services

Individual Schools and Departments are responsible for arranging and paying for translation and interpretation services to ensure equal access to information, programs, and services, where required by law. 

  • A list of providers of translation and interpretation services is available¬†here.

If you have questions about the process for arranging language assistance services, please contact IDEAA at or 202-687-4798.