Diversifying the Georgetown Faculty

Diversity, equity, and inclusion are an integral part of building great institutions of higher learning and are critical to the university’s mission and values. IDEAA seeks to provide university stakeholders with essential knowledge for conducting faculty searches in a manner that is both consistent with the university’s mission and values and compliant with applicable federal and District of Columbia regulations. To guide this effort, IDEAA has developed a faculty toolkit that serves as an institutional-wide roadmap for diversifying the Georgetown faculty:

Faculty Toolkit: Diversifying the Georgetown Faculty

 Within the faculty toolkit, you will find valuable information such as:

  1. Guidance and Best Practices for establishing search committees, developing a recruitment strategy, reviewing dossiers and conducting interviews, and methods for minimizing the influence of implicit bias in the recruitment and selection process.
  2. Process and Procedures for conducting faculty searches to not only ensure Georgetown’s compliance with its affirmative action obligations and prohibition of unlawful discrimination and harassment, but to demonstrate its commitment to providing students the opportunity to study with a diverse group of talented faculty.
  3. Templates and Sample Documents to assist search committees, such as a sample checklist, a sample request for candidate referrals, and candidate evaluation form templates.
  4. Compliance-Related Documents to assist search committees, such as a list of prohibited and permitted interview questions, and a reference guide for assigning disposition reasons to candidates.

IDEAA Faculty Recruitment Plan

All academic departments are required to comply with the University’s Affirmative Action in Employment Policy, which stipulates posting a position for open recruitment and advertisement. In support of this policy, academic departments are required to submit a Faculty Recruitment Plan to IDEAA for review and approval prior to open recruitment.

The Faculty Recruitment Plan, (previously referred to as the Affirmative Action in Recruitment Report: Part 1), is intended to be strategic in nature and to encourage departments to think proactively about how they will reach diverse qualified applicants. Departments are advised to work with their Dean’s office to discuss search expectations and strategies. The Faculty Recruitment Plan should be completed using this form:

Form: Faculty Recruitment Plan for IDEAA

Please consult the faculty toolkit for more information about this university requirement.

Interfolio Faculty Search

Interfolio Faculty Search should be used to manage the recruitment of all Tenure-Line and NonTenure Line positions at the University. Additionally, Interfolio Faculty Search may be used to manage the recruitment of Post-Doctoral Fellowship positions, at the discretion of the School or Department. Interfolio Faculty Search is integrated with the Georgetown Management System (GMS) to provide a consistent and a university-wide streamlined recruitment experience that is both compliant and effective.

Please consult Georgetown’s Interfolio Faculty Search webpage at FacultySearch@georgetown.com for process requirements, resources, and technical guidance.

External Recruitment Sources

Any external recruitment advertising, beyond posting to Interfolio Faculty Search, should be coordinated and managed through JobElephant, the University’s external recruitment service provider. If you are unsure where to advertise your position, JobElephant can recommend publications based on potential value for the specific position, including diversity-related publications. For additional recommendations, please refer to IDEAA’s webpage: Diversity Recruitment Sources.

Search Firms

If your department has received approval to use an executive search firm, please see IDEAA’s Diversity Recruitment Sources webpage for guidance and process requirements.