Disability Employee Resource Group 

Our Mission

The mission of the Disability ERG is to cultivate a community support system, offer professional development and resources, and provide opportunities for disabled employees at Georgetown University. 

The Disability ERG values disability as a central part of intersectional identity, and seeks to provide a diverse, inclusive, accessible community where disability is not only tolerated, but celebrated. We seek to embody collaborative, flexible, and equitable practices that value our interdependence as a community. We welcome anyone to participate in the Disability ERG, regardless of how individuals identify, or how public that identity is in our common workplace. We commit to maintaining the vulnerability of our group by not disclosing anyone’s status outside of our gatherings. 

Sponsor: Guinevere Eden (edeng@georgetown.edu)

Chairperson: Amy Kenny (Amy.Kenny@georgetown.edu)

Co-Chairperson and Treasurer: Miguel Capers (Miguel.Capers@georgetown.edu)

Internal Operations Manager: Carmen Danley (cd1271@georgetown.edu)

Communications Manager: Tori Phillips (Tori.Phillips@georgetown.edu)

Scribe: Roxie France-Nuriddin (Roxie.FranceNuriddin@georgetown.edu)

Events Manager: Jacob Mendel (Jacob.Mendel@georgetown.edu)

Medical Center Representative: Ted Supalla (Ted.Supalla@georgetown.edu)  

Law School Representative: Morgan Lynn-Alesker (mjl47@georgetown.edu)

SCS Representative: Angel Gonzalez (Angel.Gonzalez@georgetown.edu)

GU-Qatar Representative: Mahnaz Mousavi (Mahnaz.Mousavi@georgetown.edu)

Main Campus Representative: Jay Jonathas (lj72@georgetown.edu)

University Services Representative: Kevin Andrews (ka791@georgetown.edu)

McDonough School of Business Representative: Sandy Lee (Sandy.Lee@georgetown.edu)


  • First Friday of the month at 10am: Disability ERG Monthly Zoom Room
  • September 6, 11am-2pm: Join us at the 2023 Staff Picnic on the Leavey Esplanade (Ballroom as rain site)

Contact Information

Amy Kenny
Director of Disability Cultural Center
Office of Student Equity & Inclusion