The Office of Affirmative Action and University Human Resources co-sponsors the University’s Diversity Initiative within University Services. The administrators and staff of Auxiliary Services, Internal Audit, Legal Counsel, Facilities, Treasurer, and Affirmative Action have launched the first phase with the provision of diversity training and the establishment of a Diversity Advisory Board. The Office of Affirmative Action and the Center for Minority Educational Affairs co-chairs the Diversity Working Group for 2001-2002 and is involved in the Hewlett Packard program “Pluralism in Action”.



  • Diversity Working Group – a committee of faculty, students and administrators who work to put on educational and cultural events for the campus that address a variety of diversity issues. The group’s mission is to build resources and programs that will transform Georgetown University in an open and respectful community where every member can flourish.
  • Pluralism in Action – a new initiative designed to help incoming students explore issues of race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, and national origin that arise when attending a diverse institution. Its goal is not only to help students to feel comfortable in an environment that includes individuals different from themselves, but also to learn to celebrate those differences.
  • Center for Minority Educational Affairs (CMEA) – promotes educational excellence and racial equality at Georgetown University by serving the interests of African American, Latino, Asian Pacific American and Native American students.
  • Safe Zone Program – To assist gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender (GLBT) students in identifying members in identifying members of the GU community who can provide resources, referrals and support.
  • Center for Social Justice & Volunteer and Public Service Center – upholds the Jesuit mission to educate men and women for others by engaging Georgetown students, staff, and faculty in community based work in order to deepen their understanding of community and social justice and to explore the link between service and academic theory.
  • Women’s Center – Seeks to serve the needs of all women. The GUWC is a place where women can access information and services, support each other, share ideas, victories, and challenges, and work together in a safe, inclusive environment.
  • Leaders in Education About Diversity (LEAD) and Young Leaders in Education About Diversity (YLEAD) – LEAD is a dynamic peer education and leadership program which rises awareness of prejudices in order to promote open interaction between people of all backgrounds and build a common understanding among a continually diversifying GU community. YLEAD is a complement to the LEAD program in an effort to increase leadership on diversity issues among first year students.